Wednesday, July 8, 2009

28th Principle of Freedom

The United States Has a Manifest Destiny to be an Example and a Blessing to the Entire Human Race.

I realize that I actually covered this topic in the 25th Principle, "Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship with All Nations - Entangling Alliances with None." I believe it is only through following the 25th principle that we can accomplish our 'Manifest Destiny' as described in the 28th principle. The United States of America is a wonderful nation despite all the problems we've been through lately and in our 200+ year history. If we can get back to the principles our nation was founded on, and focus on being an example of peace & prosperity rather than an enforcer of 'democracy', we can bring "liberty and justice to all" in the US and the world.

We've seen the effects of this so called '5000 Year Leap' in the last 200+ years. How much more can we leap if we keep in practice these 28 principles of freedom, what heights are still before us as we become an example of freedom & liberty. I believe that the US, with it's original founding rooted in principle, and now it's experience, has what it takes to lead the world into an abundance of 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.' What will you do today to help America be great? What will you do today to be one example of the great people that only a free nation can produce? I believe that you, as a citizen of the United States, have a 'manifest duty' to prepare yourself to do all that may be required to bring these United States through it's current crisis and on to a new founding rooted in the principles of the original founding. (See The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy)

I have become an optimist in my outlook on the United States of America through my experiences in reading The 5000 Year Leap. Though my posts may seem to be filled with all the things wrong with America, I believe there is more that is right with America. I believe that these United States are still your best choice for protection of life, protection of liberty, and protection of property or the pursuit of happiness. I believe that if we will cultivate virtue, wisdom, knowledge, and greatness in ourselves, than we WILL inspire others to be great. As more and more people are inspired, and begin to live lives of greatness according to wisdom, knowledge, and principles, eventually this nation will become as great as it can be and will be an example of the greatest joys and pursuits of the human race. I believe it WILL happen.

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